Conservation, research and education in Virginia’s Central Blue Ridge Mountains

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The Pedlars Edge Trail will be closed from April 1 to October 1 due to electrical repairs being done along the power line section of the trail. It will be re-opened as soon as the work is complete.

Adventure Outside with TNFW

Our trail system covers an assortment of terrain throughout its 35 miles. There are both rugged, steep slopes as well as beautiful, short strolls almost anyone can enjoy. The unique environment on both the valley trails and the mountain trails at Wintergreen offers hikers an unforgettable experience.

The trail system is divided into three types of trails: access trails, perimeter trails, and valley trails. Access trails are blazed in yellow, perimeter trails in redand valley trails in blue. Besides the map and tree blazes, there are signs at intersections with trail name, direction, and blaze color.

Our trail map, which is available to purchase at The Trillium House, Mountain Inn resort and Blackrock Grocery store, has each trail labeled as either easy, moderate, or difficult.

Wintergreen trails are managed by The Nature Foundation at Wintergreen volunteers and staff. They are open to the public, so enjoy the beauty of Wintergreen!

Take Me There!

The Nine-Minute Naturalist

The Nine Minute Naturalist borrows from NPR’s lovely 90-Second Naturalist podcast. The goal is to take something that is happening out in our environment and stimulate your brain for roughly nine minutes.

by Josh Palumbo

Forest Management Coordinator

What’s New At TNFW

Trail map

A detailed map of all of the trails within Wintergreen, maintained by TNFW, is available at Trillium House and the front desk of Wintergreen Resort’s Mountain Inn.

Living with Nature at Wintergreen

Join a Foundation Naturalist on Saturday morning for a moderate to strenuous interpretive hike and explore Wintergreen’s natural environment! TNFW members hike free! Visit our Event Registration page to sign up.

Exciting news from the Endowment Campaign

Exciting news from the Endowment Campaign. With your support, The Nature Foundation’s Endowment 2025 Campaign achieved a significant milestone by raising half a million dollars before October 2021 to secure the generous Smyth Foundation’s Challenge Grant. We met our first milestone with a total of $1.5 million! Thank you for your wonderful contributions to TNFW Endowment 2025. Here is a short video to convey our gratitude.

Wintergreen is a Bear Smart Community

The primary rules are simple and clear:

No bird feeding from April 1 to December 1, never leave food or garbage outdoors, be aware that open doors and windows risk getting a bear inside, and lock all car doors because bears can and do open vehicle doors.

Wintergreen’s black bears are out and about. Learn more about these amazing animals and how to keep them wild.

Also, check out Matt Overstreet’s presentation on Virginia’s rising American black bear population and the website BearWise.

Native Plant Sale Dates & Ordering Information

Fall is here and it is time to get your native plants for your garden! Plants may be ordered by email ahead of time to pick up, or you can schedule an appointment by email to stop in and shop.

The greenhouse is located at 725 Beech Grove Road, Roseland, VA 22967 (one half-mile west of The Ski Barn on Beech Grove Road – Route 664).

Plants for Sale
TNFW Greenhouse
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